Bellow coupling

Up to 300 Nm of torque and 45 mm bore diameters.

The GSF bellow couplings have been designed and manufactured for all applications requiring excellent dynamic characteristics, necessary for high speeds, fast reversing and, at the same time, torsional rigidity with low inertia without compromising the high reliability.

The coupling is made in three different and modular elements, in order to obtain high flexibility in assembling and availability. The two shafts are connected to the bellow exploiting a simple mechanic system, easy and safe, by properly sized radial screws and without using bonding agents. In this way the coupling is able to operate and withstand high temperatures, up to 300 °C.

The coupling allows the compensation of all possible misalignments between the two shafts, to be connected in accordance to the values indicated in the table, assuring an infinite number of working cycles.

Giunto a soffietto in alluminio

Bellow coupling "GSF"

  • Hubs made in aluminum fully turned and bellow in stainless steel;
  • Suitable for applications with high temperatures (> 300 °C);
  • High torsional rigidity and low inertia;
  • Wear and maintenance free;
  • Backlash free for precision and high speeds;
  • Single split clamp hub (type B) and finished bore in ISO H8 tollerance and low roughness.
  • Single split clamp hub with H7 bore and keyway (type B1);
  • Two piece clamp hub with H7 bore and keyway (type C1) or without keyway (type C);
  • Customized manufacturing for specific requirements;
  • Connection to the Torque limiter’s (safety coupling) range possible.

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