Torque Limiters Promote Safety in Automated Door Systems

While automated door systems improve the flow of people in commercial and public buildings, they require well-designed mechanical safety features. If obstructed or jammed, these doors may not only require expensive repairs but also endanger people. For example, stuck automated doors could trap building occupants by obstructing exits.

One way to prevent such issues is to include torque limiters in the door system’s design, ensuring the door always operates within safe limits. These components can also prevent accidents, as well as overstressing the motor.

At ComInTec, we developed torque limiters for use in these mission-critical safety applications. Torque limiters are a reliable way to ensure the safety of users and the longevity of automated door systems.

Read more about how torque limiters work and types of applications in our whitepaper.

Torque Limiters Promote Safety in Automated Door Systems

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