Pneumatic clutches

Up to 30000 Nm of torque and maximum bore 120 mm.

A friction clutch or roller with torque adjustment even during operation. Ability to disengage the drive and driven by pneumatic or electrical impulse. Low residual torque after disengagement. Calibration adjustable by changing the pressure (pneumatic) air supply.

  • Simple and precise calibration;
  • Transmission engagement/disengagement and torque limiter functions;
  • Reliability and repetitiveness of the calibration torque;
  • Torque variation whilst in motion, by pressure regulation;
  • Free rotation after the disengagement through a complete disconnection between the parts;
  • Low residual torque on disconnected parts;
  • Models available only with finished bore.
  • Complete with transmission element machined and assembled (plate wheel, pulley, gear, …);
  • Can be supplied with various types of rigid/elastic couplings for in-line shafts transmission;
  • Possibility of shaft connection with finished bore, locking assembly or other systems;
  • Available in anti-corrosive version, with specific surface treatments.
  • Machines with work cycles of variable torque. Test benches. Coiler and uncoilers;
  • Transmission systems with varied products. Cut format systems;
  • Machines with work cycles of variable torque;
  • Test benches;
  • Coiler and uncoilers;
  • Transmission systems with varied products;
  • Cut format systems.
  • Engage/disengage different product transmission lines;
  • Maintain tension of wire/film coils;
  • Regulate different torques depending on the change of the format;
  • Protect the motor gearbox against every form of overload;
  • When it’s necessary for complete disengagement of the transmission.
Innesto pneumatico a rulli fase

Roller phase pneumatic clutch "DSR/F/AP"

  • Transmission through rollers with re-engagement in phase 360° (equidistant on request, 30°, 45°, …);
  • Free rotation for long periods after overload: … / CS;
  • Suitable for high rotation speeds;
  • Maintenance free for high reliability;
  • Arranged to add a microswitch / proximity to stop the motor drive;
  • Torque range: 5 – 30000 Nm; max. bore ø120 mm.
Innesto pneumatico a frizione

Friction pneumatic clutch "DSF/TF/AP"

  • Friction torque transmission;
  • As tensioner, brake and torque limiter;
  • Constant adjustment of the calibration torque;
  • Available with special friction rings for specific requirements;
  • Available in version …/SI to stop the transmission after an overload;
  • Torque range: 3 – 875 Nm; max. bore ø 65 mm.

Electromechanical switch "EM"

  • Die-cast aluminium box;
  • Protection level IP57 DIN 40050;
  • Possibility of 1 contact (EM1) or 2 contacts (EM2) available;
  • Adjustment of the lever end position possible;
  • Operation temperature range from -10°C to +85°C;
  • Three different options of voltage input: 1,5A – 250 VCA; 5A-24 VCC; 0,2A-250 VdC;
  • Initial stroke 0,7 mm, Extra stroke: 4 ÷ 8 mm depending on setting (possible in a range of 6 mm).

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