Torque Limiters: Boost Safety with Low Downtime

At ComInTec, we recognize the importance of torque limiters in maintaining the safe operation of automatic door systems. That’s why we developed two units — the DF friction torque limiter and EDF/F ball torque limiter. These components can be integrated into existing door systems without altering the design, keeping uptime high with maintenance.

Here’s a brief overview of how they work:

Our DF series is a friction torque limiter, relying on friction between two surfaces to limit the amount of torque that is transmitted through the system. If the transmitted torque exceeds the threshold, the material between the plates will begin to slip, which stops the load from rotating and prevents damage to the drive unit.

Our EDF/F series is a ball torque limiter consisting of two halves: a driving member and a driven member that are separated by a set of steel balls housed in grooves on both members. When the input shaft rotates and exceeds the torque limit, the balls are forced out of their grooves, causing the driving member to slip past the driven member and stopping the transmission.

Read more about how these torque limiters work, along with types of applications, in our whitepaper.

Torque Limiters

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