Locking rings and washers

Components for machines like DIN 705 locking rings, thick washers and threaded ring nuts essential in the assembling to stop, place a bearing or other components, or as stop ledge.

  • In steel fully turned;
  • Good surface finishing with edge deburring;
  • Burnishing or galvanising surface treatments;
  • Economic and available in stock.
  • Available in stainless or niploy surface treatments;
  • Customization on drawing.
  • Automatic machines;
  • Conveyor belts;
  • Textile machines;
  • Packaging machines;
  • Film streetching machines.
  • Achievement of perfectly orthogonal ledge;
  • Bearings assembly and fixing of rod ends;
  • Coupling with any kind of screw;
  • Assembly of pulleys, plate wheels, gear, …
Collari fermo unificati e fermo battuta

Unified DIN 705 locking rings and Locking rings with ledge "CFU - CFB"

  • According to DIN 705;
  • Available with ledge;
  • In stainless steel, available on stock.
Collari fermo bloccaggio radiale

Locking ring with radial locking and one or two sections "CFBR - CFBR-2"

  • 1 cut radial locking;
  • 2 cuts radial locking with incision reference to assembly;
  • Standard burnishing treatment.
Rondella lavorata grosso spessore tornita conica

Turned washer large thickness, conical turned and for rod ends "RLGS - RTC - RTS"

  • Fully turned;
  • Barr-free in the edges;
  • Standard phosphating treatment.

Radial and axial locking nut "GR - GA"

  • Fully turned;
  • Barr-free in the edges;
  • Standard phosphating treatment.

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