Flexible and rigid couplings

Up to 130 KNm and 220 mm bore diameters.

The aim of the flexible coupling is to transfer motion between two shafts on the same axis whilst accounting for possible misalignments. We have various styles of flexible couplings suitable for a wide range of applications. 

The quality of the materials used, the careful design and the precision in manufacturing ensure long lasting high performance, safety and reliability for even the most complex applications.

  • Available in fully turned steel;
  • Good reliability;
  • Different customization possibilities;
  • Wide selection;
  • Highly accurate manufacturing;
  • Optimum protection against environmental conditions;
  • Competitive pricing without sacrificing quality;
  • “Made in Italy” with certified quality.
  • Rigid couplings (backlash free): For connections when high precision and high transmission torques are required;
  • Elastomeric couplings: For connection between misaligned shafts with the need to absorb vibrations.
Giunto torsionalmente rigido a lamelle


Torsionally rigid disc coupling with angular backlash free transfer of motion. Transmission and maximum flexibility in operation. Available with personalized spacer.

Giunto rigido in acciaio


Rigid coupling in steel, suitable for shaft connections with good alignment. Available in one or two sections.

Giunto a soffietto in alluminio


Bellow coupling in aluminium with high torsional rigidity. Backlash free, low inertia and high reliability.

Giunto elastico a stella senza gioco in acciaio


Elastomeric jaw coupling, good vibration dampening properties. Available with different types of elastomeric element.

Giunto elastico compatto


Compact elastic coupling protected from environmental conditions. Fast maintenance possible without the need to move the shafts.

Giunto a denti


Gear coupling without wear due to the polyamide sleeve, suitable for high axial misalignments.

Giunto a catena semplice


Chain coupling, simple, economic and easy to assemble. Suitable for dry and dusty environments.

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