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Compact elastic coupling

Up to 105 KNm of torque and 220 mm bore diameters.

The GEC coupling is composed of two hubs in steel UNI EN10083/98 fully turned. These two hubs are connected by radial pins, made in steel with high resistanceand seated within the elastomeric elements.

These pins, with their relevant elastomeric elements, are protected by an external band, allowing the coupling a high grade of protection.

This construction feature allows the user to be able to perform maintenance, by substituting the elastic elements, without the need to move the two transmission hubs/shafts, reducing maintenance times and optimizing the plant productivity.

Particularly suitable for connecting Pelton turbines, for the coupling between engines and worm compressors and in general for transmission where safety is highly necessary without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the same transmission.

Giunto elastico compatto

Compact elastic coupling "GEC"

  • Made in steel fully turned with standard treatment of phosphating;
  • Maintenance without removing the coupling;
  • Suitable for working in high temperatures;
  • Statically balanced, suitable to absorb vibrations;
  • Highest protection;
  • Excellent value torque/dimensions.
  • Various hub connection type available;
  • Specific treatments or aluminum version fully turned available;
  • Customized versions for specific needs including hub/flange connection;
  • Connection to the Torque limiter’s (safety coupling) range possible.

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