CominTec Cina

Spacer couplings

Up to 130 KNm of torque and 220 mm bore diameters.

Shafts “backlash” to connect in a simple and fast two or more components of a mechanical transmission far between. The size of the extension is customizable to obtain a specific DBSE with different types of locks on the trees. Lengths up to 3 meters without intermediate support.

  • Compact and rugged;
  • Low inertia;
  • High torsional stiffness;
  • Wear-free for lasting reliability;
  • Flexibility of connection of the hubs on the shafts;
  • Stretch customizable for a specific DBSE;
  • Possibility of lengths up to 3 m without the use of intermediate supports.
  • Ability to bilanciature dynamics up to Q 2.5;
  • Possibility of different types of locks on the hubs;
  • Model GTR / DBSE with the possibility of use in applications with high operating temperatures (> 150 ° C);
  • Model GAS / DBSE available ATEX compliant.
  • Connection’s bevel gear transmission systems articulated;
  • Connection of actuators in photovoltaic systems;
  • Connecting jacks in handling systems;
  • Connecting typically of transmission shafts away from each other.
  • Simplicity in the connection of systems of transmissions away from each other;
  • Mounting directly on the shafts; without removing components;
  • Maximum torsional rigidity in the case of solution GTR / DBSE;
  • Absorb vibration in the case of solution GAS / AL / DBSE.
Giunto torsionalmente rigido allunga

Torsionally rigid coupling with spacer "GTR/DBSE"

  • Made in steel and fully turned;
  • Galvanizing corrosion proofing;
  • Disk pack in stainless steel;
  • Maintenance and wear free;
  • Personalized spacer version for a specific D.B.SE;
  • Welded spacer for high torsional rigidity.
Giunto stella senza gioco allunga alluminio

Backlash free jaw spacer coupling «in alluminium» "GAS/SG/DBSE-AL"

  • Made of aluminum fully turned;
  • Elastomer available in different hardness (see pages 25 and 29);
  • Simple mounting thanks to the two piece clamp hub (type C);
  • Radial assembly without removing the parts;
  • Electrical insulation between the parts.
Giunto allunga torsionalmente rigido soffietto

Torsionally rigid spacer shaft coupling with flexible bellow element "GSF/DBSE"

  • Hubs and spacer made of fully turned aluminium;
  • Stainless steel bellow;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Low inertia;
  • High angular misalignment recovery;
  • 1 or 2 piece clamp hub with or without keyway;
  • Customized spacer for specific DBSE with torsional rigidity;
  • Compatible with high temperatures.

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