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Gear coupling

Up to 5,000 Nm of torque and 125 mm bore diameters.

The GD coupling is composed of two hubs in steel UNI EN 10083/98 fully turned, externally toothed with rounded profile and assembled only with a sleeve in polyamide stabilized resin, toothed internally.

Due to the tooth profile with which the hubs and the sleeve are connected, you can obtain a high contact surface also in presence of misalignments, in order to reduce the contact pressures and promote a longer life.

The connection polyamide/steel assures silent and reliable functioning, in absence of maintenance and lubrication. This kind of coupling represents a reliable and economic kind of connection, for medium and big power industrial purposes.

Giunto a denti

Gear coupling "GD"

  • Hubs made in steel fully turned with standard treatment of phosphating;
  • Polyamide sleeve;
  • Statically balanced;
  • Maintenance and lubrication free;
  • Compact and simple to be assembled;
  • Vibrations dampening.
  • Various hub connection type available;
  • Version with sleeve in steel, circlip and seals;
  • Version with sleeve directly integrated in one hub;
  • Specific surface treatments possible.

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