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Friction torque limiter

Up to 23 KNm of torque and 140 mm bore diameters.

Sliding safety coupling where a plate wheel, pulley or other transmission component is interposed between two friction rings. Upon reaching the torque sliding ensures continuity in the transmission without damaging the components. The minimum to have a low cost protection.

  • Simple and economic friction torque limiter;
  • Suitable for dusty conditions without need of timing between gearbox and output;
  • Silent overload without vibration;
  • Protection in both rotation directions;
  • Asbestos-free friction discs;
  • Simple and precise torque setting by adjusting the locking ring;
  • The innovative setting of the nominal torque by measuring the “H” dimension allows for immediate coupling calibration.
  • Complete with transmission gear, fully turned and mounted (plate wheel, pulley, gear pair);
  • Different types of friction discs for specific applications;
  • Possibility of connections with bore and keyway, locking assembly or other locking systems;
  • Anti-corrosive surface treatments for special requirements.
  • Forming machines;
  • Conveyors;
  • Automotive;
  • Agricultural machines; woodworking machines.
  • Protects the motor-gearbox in case of accidental collision;
  • Protects the film of wrapping machines in case of higher tension;
  • Absorbs static torques without disengaging;
  • Protects the gear in case of short product jam.
Limitatore di coppia a frizione DF

Friction torque limiter "DF"

  • Simple and compact solution;
  • Version with coil springs for pairs and fine adjustment of the couple: …/CM;
  • Available in corrosion: DF/EA;
  • Available with customized alignments (“L”) interchangeable with other models on the market;
  • Available with radial ring statically balanced: …/GR;
  • Up to 23 000 Nm of torque and 140mm bore.
Limitatore coppia frizione DF/SI

Intervention signaling version "DF/SI"

  • Electromechanical overload signaling;
  • Automatic re-engaging after transmission reset;
  • Assembly with helical springs possible: …/SI/CM;
  • Available with a longer shaft for assembly with transmission elements of large size: …/SI/ML;
  • Available with friction rings at different performances for specific needs;
  • Torque range: 3 – 23000 Nm; max. bore: ø140 mm.

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