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Economic ball torque limiter

Up to 1,450 Nm of torque and 55 mm bore diameters.

Safety coupling with the transmission of motion by means of hardened balls inserted directly in the drive element, obtaining a simple, compact and competitive device. The disengagement occurs quickly and safely allowing the stop of the transmission if the calibrated torque is exceeded.

  • Reduced torsional backlash by ball drive;
  • Maintenance free for long lasting, high reliability;
  • Version with 360° phase re-engagement available;
  • Model available only with plate wheel or other transmission component;
  • The innovative regulation of the nominal torque by measuring the “H” dimension allows for immediate coupling calibration;
  • Model available only with finished bore;
  • Possibility of combining a microswitch / proximity to stop the engine;
  • Suitable for use in damp and oily.
  • Complete with drive component or personalized plate wheel;
  • Possibility of connections with locking assembly or other types of locking;
  • Possibility of surface treatments for corrosion-specific needs;
  • Personalized version with re-engagement in phase at 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°…
  • Filling machines;
  • Metal chip conveyors;
  • Automatic conveyor belts.;
  • Winches.
  • Protects the product from damage or wrong positioning;
  • Protect the gear motor from accidental collisions product;
  • Protect the drive against bumps or limit;
  • Protects conveyor belts in case of product collisions.
Limitatore coppia sfere economico EDF/F

Economic balls torque limiters "EDF/F"

  • Mounting organ inside the device as in the models to friction;
  • Automatic re-engagement after the restoration of transmission;
  • Available with radial ring statically balanced;
  • Model with flange for custom links: EDF / F / F;
  • Model available only with finished bore;
  • Torque range from 7.5 to 1450 Nm and finished bore up to ø55 mm.

Electromechanical switch "EM"

  • Die-cast aluminium box;
  • Protection level IP57 DIN 40050;
  • Possibility of 1 contact (EM1) or 2 contacts (EM2) available;
  • Adjustment of the lever end position possible;
  • Operation temperature range from -10°C to +85°C;
  • Three different options of voltage input: 1,5A – 250 VCA; 5A-24 VCC; 0,2A-250 VdC;
  • Initial stroke 0,7 mm, Extra stroke: 4 ÷ 8 mm depending on setting (possible in a range of 6 mm).

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