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Axial force limiter

Up to 4,700 N of torque and 20 mm shaft diameters.

Safety coupling with linear limitation of force. Releasing both in compressive and tension once it reaches the calibration force. The setting force can be adjusted by turning the adjuster nut onto the springs and re-engagement is automatic. Possibility of connecting linear motion also very distant from each other.

  • No axial play;
  • Protection in both tension and compression;
  • Free rides in tension and compression after release;
  • Automatic re-engagement in the exact position of disengagement;
  • Simple calibration system of force with “H fee” for an immediate calibration of the equipment;
  • Made of steel fully turned with special high mechanical strength;
  • No maintenance for high reliability in the time.
  • Complete with drive rods – compression and rod ends;
  • Sensor or switch in axial or radial position;
  • Possibility of customization for specific applications;
  • Possibility of surface treatments for corrosion-specific needs.
  • Shaft mounted gearboxes;
  • Puck handling and eccentric;
  • Transactions structured for pushers and slides;
  • Systems of the crank mechanism.
  • Protect shaft mounted gearboxes overloads on the transmission;
  • Protect slides or other moving parts from accidental shock or collision limit;
  • Protect movements typically jams or improperly placements;
  • Protect the final product from crushing or deformation.
Limitatore forza assiale DSA

Axial force limiter "DSA"

  • High axial stiffness;
  • Compact and wear-free
  • Immediate interruption of power in case of overload;
  • Continuous adjustment of the intervention force;
  • Possibility of mechanical limit switch to prevent the slipping of the central pin after disengagement;
  • Force Field: 30-4700 N.
Sensore prossimità PRX

Proximity sensor "PRX"

  • Standard version: Stainless steel cover with protection level IP67 DIN 40050;
  • Electric contact: 7 ÷ 30 VdC. – Frequency: 4 KHz; Absorption ≤ 10 mA (Max 200mA);
  • Output: NPN (N.O.-N.C.) – PNP (N.O.-N.C.);
  • Operating distance: max 1,5 mm;
  • Cable length: 2 m (3×0,2);
  • Operation temperature range from -25°C to + 70°C.

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